What is Fibreholics?

Fibreholics is the place to sample a wide variety of UK independent dyers in one simple package. Read more about Fibreholics and what we are all about.

Round 28 - Friday 12th December 7pm (UK time) - Fibre bags!

This will be the last round for 6 months, this will give us time to recruit some new yarn and fibre dyers so that we can continue to bring you exciting bags with a wide variety of dyers.
There are no yarn bags this round as we were again 1 dyer short of producing petite yarn bags. If there is a dyers work you like and think they might be interesting in contributing please ask them to contact us. Or let us know who they are and we will contact them.

Fibreholics is now being run by Donna (aka WidowTwanky) and Bex (aka NinjaBex), we hope to bring you some great new things this year, join the newsletter for more info.
We will guarantee all petite bags will have samples from 5 different dyers and voluptuous bags will have samples from 10 different dyers.

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